happy halloween

Here's a Halloween illustration, although it really wasn't supposed to be when I started it. Would it not look so Halloweeny if it weren't Halloween? Or did Halloween, grinning all along at the end of the month, slowly shape it in its image? Whatever the case, Happy Halloween.
Also, I have a profile up at CMYK now.


Maureen said...
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Maureen said...

oops that was my delete sorry haha.

this is nice.
is it digital?
i really like the legs and feet all over.

Matt Oberdier said...

Those feet totally remind me of this bugsbunny cartoon. Wait for the hillbillies to enter and see if I'm not crazy. A bit of trivia: The director of this cartoon, Robert Mckimson, started as an animater and trippled his drawing abilities after he suffered a concusion in an accident. Ever since I learned this, I've been intentionally beating my head to marginal results. Nice illustration by the way.

Dave Swartz said...

Hey nice piece lee. I was hoping to see you at ryan's party, oh well.