A mysterious luchador whose identity is obscured by an underwear mask. Thanks, Modesto.

You can peek at my process below.


944 Magazine

Nice little write-up about my bottle in 944 Detroit! You can pick up the magazine in and around Detroit at locations marked on this map: http://www.944.com/magazine/map/?pubID=89


Good Wood Skate Deck Show

I designed a skate deck for the new Good Wood exhibit, a charity show at the Slingluff Gallery in Philadelphia. You can bid on the decks online right here knowing it'll benefit Stay True, a foundation that helps at-risk youth make social change. On a related note, my board is about getting super powers.



1800® Tequila Essential Artists 2009!

I am excited to announce that one of my illustrations is part of the 2009 1800® Tequila Essential Artists series! The series debuted in 2008, pairing work from artists like Glenn Barr, Chris Dean, and Hannah Stouffer with bottles of 1800® Tequila Silver. This year's campaign features 12 new artists.

You can find out where to buy bottles using the website's store locator. But for right now you can see all the bottle artwork turned it into an animation for this promo clip:


Von Bondies / 800beloved poster

I got a chance to do a poster for The Von Bondies' show at the Magic Stick last week. Things got pretty crazy close to the deadline but Bilal at Modati was a huge help letting me use use his equipment and dealing with my crazy insistence on using five screens– thanks! Watching people wait in line at the merch table to buy it and later have it autographed by the band was enormously rewarding. Plus it sold out!

Digital file

Screen print


Ann Arbor Art Fair

The guys at Modati do a screen printing demo at Ann Arbor's art fair every year, and Saturday's theme was "circus" so I drew a fire-breather for them to use. I made it over just in time to see some kids pulling my screen:


Victory of Samothrace: Take One

Another poster. I needed to come up with something fast and I've had this idea of a Victory of Samothrace with a ghost head and arms that I thought would fit the goth-tinged bill. I got the idea from a line from Filippo Marinetti's Futurist Manifesto, where he declares the superiority of "a racing car whose hood is adorned with great pipes, like serpents of an explosive breath– a roaring car that seems to ride on grape shot is more beautiful than the Victory of Samothrace."

In his manifesto Marinetti was contrasting the statue with the automobile, which he thought ought to be the epitome of modern art. The statue, or what's left of it, contains all the dynamism and athletic qualities of the goddess of victory, but all Marinetti could see was a pathetic, wounded has-been.

I'll inevitably come back to this... the idea fit the assignment but I can explore it so much further.


MCR poster

Just did this poster for Motor City Rocks. I wanted to give a little nod to Hatch Show Print while still doing my own thing– I hope it comes across. I'd link to Hatch's website but Google says it's infected! So instead here's a link to Noman, whose folk-punk I've been digging lately.



Clockwise from top left: a pig, raise the roof, a warthog, a car, not a panda, a clock, a magnet, Karen O, a skinny dog, a duck writing a bad word that rhymes with 'duck', a snaggletooth, a confused fork, and a snowman with stick feet.


More Von Bondies

Jason "Von Bondie" Stollsteimer dug the illustration I did of his band a while ago, so when it came time to gather materials to put in their press kit for their new album, he gave me a chance to do some more illustrations to throw in:

Also, the original Von Bondies illustration I did was selected to be in CMYK Magazine #43, out in March.