Good Wood Skate Deck Show

I designed a skate deck for the new Good Wood exhibit, a charity show at the Slingluff Gallery in Philadelphia. You can bid on the decks online right here knowing it'll benefit Stay True, a foundation that helps at-risk youth make social change. On a related note, my board is about getting super powers.



Kristina said...

The elephant, yes, in fact, i know you have seen it.

Dug your board man. At first I thought you had screen printed the image onto it...which i deemed impossible. (ever tried pulling a squeegee onto a not so flat surface?) YIKES!

Shit son, if you can trick me into thinking a digital transfer is a screen print.....you rock!

Lee said...

Yeah, I didn't have a bunch of blank boards to test screen printing on, so I figured I'd go with what I've learned with vinyl graphics from my time at the sign company.

Dr. Detroit said...

This and the Tequila Essential things is really cool