I'm a grown ass man... Why is my life like 'Mean Girls'?


Ofrenda for Amy Winehouse

This is my contribution to the Day of the Dead art show at the Starkweather Arts Center, curated by my friend Heather Hansma. The show opens October 7th and runs to October 29th.

The memento mori here is a Spanish translation of a line from Amy Winehouse's best song.


Chris Bathgate 'Salt Year' design

Did the type for the packaging and liner notes for Chris Bathgate's new record Salt Year. It is out April 26th from Quite Scientific Records. Paintings by Sarah Jones. Here's a peek inside:



"We Got All Things That Are Good" now available online

Just a heads up that you can buy Sole Stickers' We Got All Things That Are Good online from the band's store.


Kelly Jean Caldwell "Outside Heart" sleeve

Did the illustrations and design for this spooky debut single by Kelly Jean Caldwell. You can buy it at the Top Magic Records website or pick one up from UHF Records in Royal Oak.