Shadow Art Fair

This is my entry for Ypsilanti's biannual Shadow Art Fair poster contest. Limited with a two-color screen print, I thought it'd be fun to try an effect out. My idea is it would be have a coat of matte black with a glossy, slightly lighter black for the art over the top, my hope being that the result would be sort of subtle, kind of creep out at you. This is only a digital version, so I would like to try it out as a screen print regardless.


Maureen said...

nice poster lee!
i like the edges.
i think it would make a great screen print.

Dave Chow Illustrations said...

Way cool that you're starting to think about varnishes, tints, and mattes. Handling that sort of stuff is an art form all unto itself.

Andrea Kowch said...

I think it'd make a great screen print as well.