the artist

I walk away with my illustration degree from CCS on Thursday. 

It's finally hitting me how hard the work has been these past four years, and I'm proud of myself for getting through it. But I got all the validation I needed when I greeted my girlfriend's niece at the door and she said, "Hey, it's the artist!", remembering some doodles I did in her High School Musical 2 notebook. 

For what it's worth, congratulations to all the graduating seniors!


Dave Chow Illustrations said...

Yo Lee, you busted ass in class, you spoke up, you set a moral high bar for your peers and you're the one that's worked to attain this degree. It's a benchmark in your life. Own it and be proud of it.

Ya done good! Welcome to being a CCS alum!

Andrea Kowch said...

Hey Lee! Congrats! I missed you at the Opening on Friday! Your wall looked AWESOME!! We need to keep in touch!

Matt Oberdier said...

They may laugh at us now, but kids are our future customers. When my nephews and their friends grow up in about 30 years, I'll be set. I just hope they all have money. Let them laugh, Lee.